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  • csr2 showdown guide

    CSR2 ShowDown Guide

    ShowDown is the latest new game mode in CSR2 and I think many of you have question how it works and how to actually perform well in it. Buckle up here is everything you need to know about ShowDown 🙂 When Is It Released?! Currently in soft-launch, this means randomly choosen players can already play […] More

  • csr2 RP farming guide

    RP Farming Like A Boss

    RP stands for Respect Points and it’s the score that indicates how well you perform in races as well as how frequently and consistently you play CSR2. Primarily you will need a lot of RP to push your crew in the Crew Milestones but it’s also your entry fee to become member in one of […] More

  • csr2 gold farming guide

    Get Free Gold In CSR2

    There are two premium currencies in CSR2 – one is the keys that will unlock you cars and the other one is Gold, primarily useful to skip time and get several cars. As a new player you will find Gold the more useful thing but for more advanced players it gets less and less important […] More

  • csr2 cash farming guide

    How To Farm Cash In CSR2 (Fast)

    If you’re a new player in CSR2 you’re short on cash because you always need to get new cars, if you play the game for some time you are short on cash because you need to spend a lot for upgrades on various cars and if you’re playing for a long time you’re getting short […] More

  • csr2 lobby times in live races

    CSR2 Lobby Times & How To Reset Lobby

    When it comes to Live Races, Lobby Times are one of the most important things to handle well if you want to have long-term success. In this guide I will show you all you need to know about the lobby times, what they are, what beating the dyno means and how you can prevent getting […] More

  • csr2 legendary live races

    CSR2 Legendary Tag In Live Races – What’s It?

    You might have come across several rivals in your Live Race Lobby that have this “Legendary” tag next to their name. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is what I mean: Have you ever wondered what this tag means and how to get it? There are a lot of different opinions around this […] More

  • csr2 stripping cars guide

    CSR2 Stripping Cars Guide For Fusion Parts

    With all the different cups in the 2-week seasons, we get tons of cars that we like to max out, right? The problem is… you will lack in fusion parts as they are completely randomly dropped by crates and it takes a lot of time getting the parts you need for a specific upgrade part […] More

  • csr2 donate crew token

    How To Donate Crew Token & Use Wildcards Wisely

    Crew Wildcards and Crew Token are something that is not that obvious in CSR2 and from my experience many crews fail to really make a big benefit out of it – but if you know about it you can get hundreds of thousands of additional crew RP with it. In this guide here I will […] More

  • csr2 best shift pattern guide

    Perfect Shift Pattern Guide

    When you start playing CSR2, you focus on getting a perfect start and then making good/perfect shifts to get the best time. This works completely fine for the storyline missions and also maybe the first Tempest trials but at some point you will learn that the perfect shifting points have one problem – they won’t […] More

  • csr2 tempest guide

    The Full Tempest Guide (Cars & Strategy)

    If you finished the forst storyline missions (with Shax), you will see popping up a Elite Licence and also The Tempest, a storyline similar to the initial storyline races but a lot tougher to beat (and also more time consuming) – but it will let you win awesome cars and prove you’re ready to climb […] More

  • how to find a top crew in csr2

    How To Join A Top 100 Crew (3 Steps)

    In this guide I will show you how you can become a member of one of the best crews in CSR2 without much hussle – simply follow my plan and you will find yourself in one of the TOP 100 crews 😀 Step 1 – Understand Why Crew Matters Having an active crew isn’t only […] More

  • csr2 vip guide

    Becoming VIP in CSR2 – How & Why?

    People here and there look to become VIP and there’s a lot of speculation about it around, that’s why I decided to put together everything you need to now about the VIP status in CSR2. What’s The VIP Status? There are VIP players among us and there’s a good chance that there are also one […] More

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