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CSR2 Best Cars To Buy – Car Buying Guide With Tuning

Setting up your garage in CSR2 takes a lot of time and effort and you don’t want to do that for the wrong cars.

When I started playing, I was checking out some lists only what car I should get to ultimately find myself working on the wrong car. Thanks a lot… not.

The reason why these lists out there are all wrong is simple. They only focus on the raw stats of the cars and not how they will perform when fully maxed and tunes with the right setup.

So, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes and that’s why I decided to make this list here and focus on the cars that can beat the boss times and also later perform well in the tempest.

And I only will do that for cars you can buy, not for cars that you can pull from crates because this is just random and if you’re about to beat Shax at Tier 5, you don’t want to wait for weeks until you get one of the cars (if not longer).

What you will find here? Cars that you can buy and that are worth upgrading and fitting fusion parts ????

Important! Please note that this is about the fastest cars you can get from the shop, not rare imports. This list will help you race through the story missions.

The Best Cars in CSR2 (R$ or Gold)

One word of caution first, if you want to find out what cars are actually the fastest in CSR2, you might want check out the official world record stats here – but this guide here is for those that want to know what car is worth buying in the shop in CSR2.

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How did I build this list?

  1. I did compare the stats of all cars & their EVO rating
  2. Checked the world records and what times they can get in reality
  3. Matched the cars that can beat the boss times and the tempest times (later in the game)

So each car here is worth getting because you will be able to re-use them in tempest later as well.

Best T1 Cars

best t1 cars in csr2

Here we have 2 cars you can get without any doubt and they are:

  • VW Golf GTI ($30,000)
  • Ford Fiesta ST ($28,500)

You can buy both of them using cash and they can perform very well when fully upgraded with current world record times of 11.792s and 11.902s.

This makes them fast enough to beat all T1 races, including the Elite 3 Livence and Tempest 3 Boss Sneak. The final tuning setup when fully maxed should be:

  • VW: Nitro 205 3.9 / F-Drive 3.15 & Tires 21/79
  • Ford: Nitro 204 3.9 / F-Drive 3.05 & Tires 20/80

Please mind that this tuning setup is only for maxed cars.

Best T2 Cars

best t2 car in csr2

The decision what Tier 2 car you should get is pretty clear here:

  • Porsche Boxter 718 (755 Gold)
  • BMW M235i ($75,000)

If you want to spend Gold, the Porsche is in general the fastest car right now in T2 so you won’t do something horribly wrong here, but you can also take the BMW that will be fast enough but pretty tough beating Tempest 3 (still possible though).

They perform with 8.501s (Porsche) and 9.976s (BMW) fast enough to make it worth maxing them out.

The best tuning when having them maxed should be:

  • Porsche: 266 6.2 / 5.00 / 52/48
  • BMW: 276 6.4 / 3.08 / 10/90

Best T3 Cars

csr2 best t3 car

Don’t be surprised, it’s only one single car here that I can recommend you to get:

  • BMW M4 ($200,000)

Consider this a lucky fact, all cars in Tier 3 you can buy in CSR2 are slower when maxed than the BMW M4 that can hit a final track time of 8,429s, making him also fast enough to beat Tempest 3.

The only other cars that are faster than this one are cars you can only get from rare imports or crew championship.

I recommend you to run it fully equipped at a tuning setup of Nitro 371 / 5.3 with F-Drive at 4.99 and Tires 0/100. Sounds like a weird tuning but this is indeed the best car to get at T3.

Best T4 Cars

best t4 car in csr2

In Tier 4 I recommend you to get the:

  • Nissan GT-R (R35)

It only costs cash to buy and all other cars you can buy with Gold are not really worth it. There are som many special car events going in i CSR2 that you can easily pull yourself a rare imports car for this tier with Silver Keys so don’t waste your Gold here.

The Nissan is also a nice car with insane grip and you can push him to 11.804s on the 1/2 mile track using a tuning of 264/4.0 Nitro, F-Drive of 3.01 and Tires at 53/47.

This is not enough to beat Tempest 3 so don’t commit too much on this car, simply push it as long as you can switch to a rare import car that drops with 20x chances very frequently for Silver Keys. It’s still enough to make the Elite Licence and to beat the story races ????

Best T5 Cars

fastest t5 car in CSR2

Here we also have not many cars that you can buy and that’s the:

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

It’s the fastes when maxed among those cars you can get without using rare imports and it can take you all the way through Tempest 2, however, the Elite 3 Licence is too hard to get with this car (or any other car you can get from the shop in CSR2).

The F12 Berlinetta can get an 8,794s final time on the track for the half mile and I recommend you to use a Nitro 398/5.6, F-Drive 2.51 and Tires 21/79 tuning setup with it.


This is the car buying guide for CSR2 and if you stick to this, you will not waste any cash or Gold on cars that won’t have any use later in the game. Of course, these cares are not as good as the rare import cars so this will be something you will need to farm. If you want to know how you can get more key, check out my key farming guide here:

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