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CSR2 Event Guide (Tunes & Tips) – Fast & Furious 2

We have always some events going on in CSR2, no matter if that’s Gold Events, Flash Events or bigger events. In this guide I will give you tips for the cars you can use there (including tuning and shift pattern) as well as additional tips for the event (like what Stage 6 parts you need) and more.

This guide here will get updated frequently with upcoming events.

Fast & Furious 2 Event (June 11th, 2020)

Another round of the Fast & Furious Event started and it will have 80 ladder races and 5 car lock ins. The prize car will be the APR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

But even if you’re not investing money you can get some nice rewards with the first races.

Car Lock In Best Time Tier Tune & Shift
Chevrolet ASC Camaro Z28 #1 11.944 4 Click here
Honda LB NSX #2 10.472 4 Click here
Nissan Silvia Spec S (S15) ‘Mona Lisa’ #3 7.867 5 Click here
Subaru Veilside IMPREZA WRX STi #4 10.056 4 Click here
Mazda Veilseide Fortune RX-7 #5 7.621 5 Click here

The first two cars have been Prestige Cars and chances are high that you actually have them, so you can already so some races here.

Fast & Furious Events are no Free 2 Play events, we know that. You will need to invest money in the #3-#5 slot cars that will cost you around $30 plus 10 million cash to upgrade them. Be aware of that, there’s no use in only getting one of the paid cars here, either go all-in or just let it be.

The paid cars will actually perform quite well, with the Subaru probably getting into Top 5 of the Tier 4 cars and the Silvia and Veilside Fortune not be that good with some Top 50 ranking in Tier 5 (you can compare the times in the full car times table here).

The prize car, the APR Lancer Evolution IX will beat the Subaru by a little with dyno around 10.1xx and also become one of the fastest Tier 4 cars, so when you need some bang in your Tier 4 setup and don’t mind spending money it could be a nice chance for you.

For everyone else I recommend to either use the #1 and #2 locking cars and get some rewards for free or get those cars for Gold, you can also pick up the Stage 6 for these cars and finish their section with only Stage 5 parts, so it’s not that big of a deal.


Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? 😏

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