csr2 legends walkthrough

CSR2 Legends Full Walkthrough

CSR2 Legends is a new part of CSR2 where you can restore iconic and historical cars and add them to your garage to use them for races.

Unlike the regular cars, you won’t unlock the cars and then can upgrade them, you need to restore them completely before you can do much with them, including tuning.

So many think that this is just another “money making feature”, but you can actually beat this without spending essential Gold or even money if you follow this guide here.

Attention! Keep in mind that you can’t sell or strip any car that you haven’t restored or you will lose the whole process.

All Legend Cars Best Times & Tuning

If you need some help with tuning a certain car or see what time it possibly can get, please check out this:

Updated! Legend Cars are now part of the full times/tune list (including Stage 5 tunes). Please filter the list for Legend Tier and you can see all the cars here.

Now let’s check out step by step how to finish CSR2 Legends 🙂

Step-By-Step Walkthrough To CSR2 Legends

In this guide you only need to follow these steps here and don’t skip any of them – this will unlock you the McLaren F1 🙂

Step 1: Earn Izzy’s respect by using your best T2 car and complete the four races (you need to beat 13.44s) and you will get the Ferrari 250 GTO

Step 2: Complete the stages until you have upgrades all Stage 5 upgrades in your 250 GTO and fuse as many fusion parts as possible. This is the step where most people lose it and think they need to pay money to proceed but you only need to upgrade and fuse as much as you can.

Step 3: Start the Restoration Rush and complete it to Race 15

Step 4: Now you should see a Legend Trial popping up that you can finish. It’s 15 races and you will get 1100 components for it. Complete all of them.

Step 5: Now complete the second half of the Restoration Rush, you’ll need 11.997s to beat the final race. By that time you should have fully restored the 250 GTO.

My recommended tuning is Tires 0/100, Final Drive 2.06 and Nitro at 110/4.2

Step 6: Get the Ford Mustang Moss 302 from the dealer and fully upgrade and tune it, my recommended tuning is Tires 0/100, Final Drive 4.23 and Nitro at 136/6.1.

You also need to upgrade and fuse the Aston Martin DB5 and the Mercedes 300 SL to Stage 5.

Step 7: Now it’s time to start and complete a Twin Test with 40 races. Use the 250 GTO and Mustang Boss 302, the final time to beat is 23.264s.

csr2 legends twin test

You can use the components you get on the DB5 and the 300 SL, I recommend to do the restorations that are the most expensive first, this will give you biggest bang for your buck.

Do not proceed until you have them fully restored.

Step 8: Get the Chevrolet Corvette C3 and fully upgrade and fuse it to Stage 5.

Step 9: Now it’s time to start Izzy’s Explanation and you should pick the Mustang Boss 302 first, then the DB5 and last the 300 SL. Complete Izzy’s Explanation and use the components you get to fully restore the Corvette C3.

Step 10: You should have won several Stage 6 Upgrade parts for the DB5, 300 SL and also the Corvette C3 so apply them now and fuse as much as you can.

Step 11: As soon as you have fully restored the Corvette C3 you can start Restoring Faith – here you should pick these cars in following order: Mustang Boss 302, DB5, 300 SL and Corvette C3. While you run work on completing Restoring Faith, use all won Stage 6 upgrades you get on the way and apply them.

Step 12: Time to get the Lamborghini Countach and fully restore it and upgrade it as much as you can with all Stage 6 parts and fusion parts you have. Do not proceed until you have done this (I know it’s annoying but will help you to not get stuck in the next step).

csr2 legends never die

Step 13: Now you can start Legends Never Die and pick these cars in that order: Countach, Boss 302, DB5, 300 SL and Corvette C3. Take your time, don’t rush and always apply all Stage 6 upgrades and fusion parts you get and you’re done 🙂


Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? 😏


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  1. How do i know how many components i need to restore every legend car before buying di i can restore it as quick as i can

  2. Hello!
    I was wondering…can I use the T1 Ferrari,& the boss 302 for The Twins test, or am I supposed to use the DB/ Mercedes instead?
    You never specified which 2 vehicles to start with..

  3. I’m stuck with Lamborghini at never die legend. I have one stage 6. I can’t waste my time on buying. As it is the last race, I will buy all the available cars then, I’ll start buying duplicates. I’m not in hurry

  4. could you just go ahead and get the EB110 SS right away without finish restoring my DB5 and 300SL because i need a reliable T5 car for my elite license and i need the EB110 SS crate for my Jean Bugatti sicne the bugatti event is going on right now.

  5. Why doesnt Natural Motion let us lock in the 250 GTO for the events? The 300SL is a waste of cash and time. Is it because the 250 GTO is too OP?

  6. I used your settings on a ,axed out Boss 302 now i can not win the Legends Trails. i get killed. Before if i lost it was only because i did not have a Perfect Start or even a good start. SO whats the way to correct this?

  7. Got stuck on Race #66 LND this one is a tough m*******r I recently got a S6 tire and previously a S6 trans but that still ain’t enough, I’m running 12.017 fastest while opponents run between 11.8.

  8. I’m stuck on restoring the DB5 and 300SL. The Legends trials only give out Saleen S7 components, which I don’t need by far. Everyday the wrong trial pops up. I can only get components for the DB5 and 300SL from the daily reward, but it will take months to restore just 2 cars. How to get the components for the cars I need (without Gold)?

  9. I’m on race 56 of Izzy’s explanation. I’m using your order of cars and my boss 302 isn’t enough to to win the race. I’ve installed all upgrades and all fusion parts which I have. Should I wait for more fusion parts or is there something else I should do?

  10. On the tuning the cars with max parts. What is the first number on the nitro left side. The nitro numbers don’t go that high. What does that mean?

  11. Hello mate. I followed the guide up until restoring faith. I’m on race 56 with all my cars fully restored, upgraded and as many tier 6 upgrades I could install. Also I have my tuning at its best for each car I’m using.
    Using the Mustang boss 302, I’m stuck on race 56 with no way to get past. I can’t upgrade anymore agave no more fusion parts or tier 6 upgrades to install.
    Is there something I should do or do I just need to wait for fusion parts to get to me???

      • I’m on the 300 SL Race now and have all fusion parts installed and s6 tyre upgrade. I fully upgraded and stripped one and never got a s6.

  12. Stucked for more than 3 in restoring faith… 300SL with no s6, 7 strips so far. Really frustrating!
    Btw use new bugatti event to lock in the legend you need! It will give s6 parts with races and probably with crates too.
    Since I’m very “lucky”, i discovered it after locking in the useless bmw 325i, so… Probably going to quit the game

  13. Hey boss, wanted to know if I could start restoring faith with Mustang, db5, 300sl, and Porsche Carrera?
    Don’t have the corvette yet, and don’t want to get stuck, thanks!

  14. Hi! Started with 250 and cobra instead of boss mustang. The question is: can I continue to izzy explanation with cobra or do I have to use the mustang

    • I’ve heard form several people that using the cobra will get them stuck and it takes a long time to fully restore. You can try and let us know here how it went

  15. I locked my Aston Martin DB5 without fully restore & I have an issue when I race in twin test event my device stuck in loading screen. Please help me to unlock my DB5 from twin test event.

    • I’m afraid but I think you need to contact support or hope that this will get fixed in the upcoming 2.9.0 update (unlikely as NM doesn’t do many fixes these days…)

    • I used another phone with same email address. It synced to the race. I managed to pass and came back to my phone. Csr2 did not help me with such issue

    • It’s not related to the cars that u select, it’s a game glitch, I contacted with support team for the same, resolved by their advice by click normally in the same position in the game loading screen like u hit the gas and game will proceed to the Race 🖐️👍

  16. I’ve the same problem with Restoration Faith. Stucked on race 58 with the DB5 with only 1 stage 6 fusion. Impossible to find others. Really frustrating! By one month I’ve stopped to play the Legends part of the game and to buy anythings more by the games. No party no money…eh eh eh
    It’s a shame!

  17. Hi Boss ! I’m stuck on race 71 sl 300, I restored about 10 sl300 and tried to obtain a s6 part with no luck, any other way to get S6 parts for it???.

    • Well the other option is waiting for the S6 with normal crate pulls but those chances are almost non-existant. I’m also pretty shocked that you stripped ten cars without getting a single Stage 6 part… did you stock strip them or also upgraded them to S5? I have a table here showing that upgrading will rise the chances for a S6 upgrade.

  18. can someone help me, the first double race simply doesn´t load so i can´t sontinue with the story, someone else experiencing this bug?

  19. I don’t know why but my boss car 302 has all the fuse parts and upgrade and at 4.5 sec nitros i get 122 bhp. And at 6.1 sec i get 79 bhp help.please thanks

  20. These are the reasons why I started from the beginning. I’m collecting everything I missed with my previous account. I’m one month old and I’m about to start restoration faith. I didn’t stuck anywhere.

  21. Lol, I’m stuck too.. lizzyz explanation race #44 , boss302, 300sl, and nsx.. it’s crazy the 300sl is too slow wish I would’ve saw this b4

  22. All of you people stuck on races like the end of restoring faith, keep restarting until the computer opponent has the nsx r or countach. They’ll run a slower time and they’re possible to beat. (Not exaggerating, this sometimes takes like 30-50 restarts)

  23. I cannot continue I am stuck on restoring faith with 300sl, i barely have any stage 6 parts.
    I am stuck on the fifth to to the last race. I was thinking about restoring the 300sl again and then stripping it, thoughts???

    • You can see at the chart above that the Shelby is only a suitable substitute for the Aston Martin DB5, 300SL or the 250 GTO – for the other ones it’s unfortunately too slow 🙁

        • How far did you restore & upgrade it? Normally getting stuck will result in farming to fully restore (takes a long time) or farming stage 6 by getting it again and full yrestore to strip (takes even longer and could end up sucking in S6 drops).
          Overall Legends is a brutal grind sometimes I hope they change that soon.

  24. I have 3 S6 parts for the Countach (Trans, Turbo & Body) but am stuck on race #66 of LND, is it possible to get past this race or do I need more S6 parts? I’m currently around 2 hundredths of a second shy.
    If 3 parts should be enough, are there any tunes to shave the time down?

    • That’s tough – if you use the tuning here it’s more towards the best time with more stage 6 parts and you might get a better time manually tuning your car – this requires you to run a lot of test runs but can get you more towards it.
      Normally I’d say with 3/6 Stage 6 parts you’re not that far away from the perfect tune and you probably won’t get 0.2s off. Have you fit all available fusion parts?

  25. Great articles! I wish I had seen this one sooner. I am absolutely stuck on Izzy’s explanation race 52 with the 300SL. It is impossible to win this race without tuning it and restoration tokens are so slow in coming from the Legends trials each day.
    Any advice?

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