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CSR2 Stripping Cars Guide For Fusion Parts

With all the different cups in the 2-week seasons, we get tons of cars that we like to max out, right? The problem is… you will lack in fusion parts as they are completely randomly dropped by crates and it takes a lot of time getting the parts you need for a specific upgrade part for a specific manufacturer.

One of the best and most reliable source of fusion parts is stripping cars, that’s when “destroying” a car to get fusion parts for that manufacturer that you can use for other cars.

In this guide here I’d like to share you some important things that you should keep in mind and how to get the most parts out of a car you strip to not waste any potential here.

Fusion Parts From Stripping

As I said, stripping a certain manufacturer car to get fusion parts is the best way to get the parts. Let’s say you have a 5-Star BMW M4 GTS you need fusion parts for you can get a regular no star BMW M4 from the shop for cash and strip it and hope to get the fusion parts you need.

Now this sounds obvious and I don’t need to write this guide to tell you that, right? ????

If there’s a car of the same manufacturer available in the shop for cash, get the car and strip it right away and don’t mind about it, you’re doing the right thing.

The important thing comes in when there’s no car of the same manufacturer available for cash, like Bugatti, Porsche etc.

So you want to get as many fusion parts as possible from duplicate cars that you got from crates, right?

In this case it’s worth investing some more time and cash to upgrade these cars – have a look how much this changes the amount of fusion parts you can get:

Tier Stage 0-Star 1-Star+
 T1  No Upgrades  2  3
 Stage 1  2  3
 Stage 2  2  3
 Stage 3  3  4
 Stage 4  3  4
 Stage 5  5  5
T2 No Upgrades 4 5
Stage 1 4 5
Stage 2 4 5
Stage 3 5 6
Stage 4 5 6
Stage 5 7 8
T3 No Upgrades 4 5
Stage 1 4 5
Stage 2 4 5
Stage 3 5 6
Stage 4 5 6
Stage 5 7 8
T4 No Upgrades 5 6
Stage 1 5 6
Stage 2 5 6
Stage 3 6 7
Stage 4 6 7
Stage 5 7 8
T5 No Upgrades 7 8
Stage 1 7 8
Stage 2 7 8
Stage 3 8 9
Stage 4 8 9
Stage 5 10 11

Keep in mind this doesn’t have any impact on the chances to get a rare or epic fusion part – but with more parts the chances to get the part you want will rise, obviously.

What you can also see is that when you will upgrade the car before stripping it, it’s always worth going the full walk and finish all Stage 5 upgrades before stripping it. Just doing a few upgrades is a waste of cash and effort.

However, if you see how much it costs to do all Stage 5 upgrades on a car compared to how much it costs in case of the 0 Star cars you can get for cash in the shop, you see that it’s a lot easier and cheaper to get it from the shop and strip it two times instead of upgrading it to Stage 5 🙂

Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? ????


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