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Europe Series Guide (All Events w. Tunes)

For the new Europe Series we have a ton of new events and cars coming up with the ultimate prize car, Lewis Hamiton’s Formula 1 Mercedes car.

Below you will find all the event in chronological order (bottom oldest to newest on top) to help you with the right tunes and car selections as well as other things that I find helpful for the event series as well, also for the re-runs later in the series progress.

Have fun and good luck!

Legends of the Track (Final Event)

The final event is coming up with the Formula 1 car as the prize car (I try to not be too harsh with my opinion but I think it’s ridiculous to put such a car into CSR2, but that might be just me). However, here’s what you need to have:

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
any Legend or America Series car you haven’t used before * #1 Click here
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta 5 #2 Click here
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster 5 #2 Click here
Pagani Huayra Roadster BC 5 #2 Click here
AMG GT3 2020 5 #3 Click here
Senna GTR 5 #3 Click here
Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR 5 #3-#5 Click here
Aston Martin Victor 5 #3-#5 Click here
SC20 5 #3-#5 Click here
R18 eTron 5 #3-#5 Click here
F1 E11 EQ Performance 5 #6 Click here

For the first lock-in you need any Legend or Made in America Elite car you haven’t previously locked in and the 2nd lock-in will be one of the cars used in the Italian Elites Event. So far so good.

Then you need either way 3 of the major event prize cars (CLK GTR, R18 eTron, Victor or SC20) unless you have the Senna GTR from the America Series event/spend 8000 Europe Series Tickets in the Event Store or the 300 tickets to get the AMG GT3 from the ShowDown Leagues Showroom to get far enough to the F1 car of Lewis Hamilton as the prize car and the last lock-in car…

Personally, unless you spend a good amount of money or have played long enough to be ready with several cars, this final event is just for picking up some additional parts and rewards and going all the way for the prize car is for only a small part of the players and I doubt that you can use the prize car for anything else than Live Racing in the future so really think about getting it. That’s my opinion, don’t kill the messenger….

Italian Elites Event

The next event, and it’s the last one before the final event, will be a Trinity Cup without prize car.

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta 5 #1-#3 Click here
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster 5 #1-#3 Click here
Pagani Huayra Roadster BC 5 #1-#3 Click here

Really honest here, this is a super-optional event. There’s no prize car and the only thing you will get here is some Stage 6 parts for the Ferrari Aperta or the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC that can be locked in for the final event, but there’s no reason to play through the full 60 ladder races, you can lock them in and pull the event crates.

If you have all cars and feel like investing or have them maxed, nice… but if not, pulling with Gold Crates or investing here is absolutely optional. All cars have been, initially, paid cars from previous events but they are now available as Yellow Star versions that can also run this event.

Province of Speed Event

The next event is coming and the prize car, the Lamborghini SC20, will be a lock-in car for the final event but also a really decent car beating 7s easily.

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
any Legend or America Series car you haven#t used before * #1 Click here
Koenigsegg Gemera 5 #2-#3 Click here
Maserati GranTurismo Stradale 4 #2-#3 Click here
ItalDesign Zerouno Duerta 5 #4 Click here
Apollo Intensa Emozione 5 #4 Click here
Pagani HP Barchetta 5 #4 coming soon
Pagani Zonda Cinque 5 #5 Click here
KTM X-Bow GTX 5 #5 coming soon

The lock-ins are also alright-ish and if you can/have pulled the Gemera or Zerouno you can get the Maserati for 4000 Gold and get until lock-in #4 the 4th lock-in is probably the problem then for most players, unless you have the HP Barchetta ready. This is also the last possibility to use the HP Barchetta!

Overall a decent event actually with minimal invest and a solid prize car you really should consider, even if you’re not planning to do the final event for the F1 car.

International Motor Show Event

This Duality Cup features the Koenigsegg Gemera along the ItalDesign Zerouno with the final prize car, the ItalDesign Zerouno Duerta that you will need in the upcoming Province of Speed.

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
Koenigsegg Gemera 5 #1/#2 Click here
ItalDesign Zerouno 5 #1/#2 Click here

Both cars are available to be pulled with Gold Crates and if you don’t have one of them or you really plan to go for the final event of the series, you might consider skipping here (especially F2P).

Alternatively, the Koenigsegg Gemera is a sweet car and if you haven’t pulled it during the Koenigsegg SupercarScience Event, it’s a car running below 7 seconds and if you have the Gold Keys it can be also a nice ride to get the first 30 ladder races in and get some crates to pick up some Stage 6 parts.

Also, the upcoming Province of Speed event has also a ShowDown event included where you can win the Pagani Huayra Cinque and the Gemera will be a very solid lock-in car there as well.

What makes me really mad, and that’s the same as we had with the Lexus LFA early this series, is that the Zerouno Duerta is exactly the same car as the Zerouno! So you basically need to max the Zerouno to get the same car, that runs the same tune and shift pattern, the same fusion and so on all over again for the next event! 

Art of Elegance Event

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
*lowest tier car* 3 #1 Click here
Alfa Romeo 8C Spider 4 #2 Click here
Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta 5 #2-#4 Click here
Bentley Mulliner Bacalar 5 #3 Click here
Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 5 #4 Click here
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake 5 #4 coming soon
Bugatti Atalantic Concept 5 #5 Click here
KTM X-Bow GTX 5 #5 coming soon

As predicted before this event is where you need either the prize car from Royal Coachbuilders and, unfortunately, the Lamborghini Sian is no available for Gold Keys.

You also need to have the GTX for whopping 300 ShowDown tickets or win the Atlantic Concept in the ShowDown event which can be tough unless you have one of the T5 cars there. This event is for F2P to lock in a car in slot 1 and 2 and get the free crates but you need to invest here if you really want to finish this event and the upcoming ones…

Royal Coachbuilders Event

The next event is a Duality Cup with the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar and the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Coupe, both cars that have been Milestone Cars in the past year and will also be available for Gold Keys to pull:

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
Bentley Mulliner Bacalar 5 #1-#2 Click here
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Coupe 5 #1-#2 Click here

The prize car of this event, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake, will be necessary for the next event (Art of Elegance) as the 3rd lock-in car unless you already have the Lamborhini Sian FKP 37 (or plan to buy it with real money once the event starts).

Preview! The Art of Elegance will reward with the Aston Martin Victor and as there’s info out there for the events past that event towards the final of the Europe Series unless there’s official update information, it’s hard to tell how important that car will be, so I can’t give you a clear recommendation how important this event will be if you plan to do the Europe Series Final Event. My personal take: and this is really my personal opinion that also could fail, I’d recommend only doing this event if you have at least one of the cars or you have no problem spending a good amount of money here. In other words, saving up here and worst-case spending on the Sian in the next event if we see that the Aston Martin Victor will be essential for getting the Final Event done would be the better choice, giving that you would need to max out two T5 cars during the event to get the prize car… but, as clearly stated, this is my personal opinion so please don’t kill me if I’m wrong. If you already have the Sian, you can skip this event with ease.

Classic At Heart Event

Now here’s an event where you can get something out if and you will need the prize car, the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR for the final event of the Europe Series.

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
*lowest tier car* 3 #1 Click here
Porsche 959 SC 5 #2 Click here
McLaren Elva 4 ##3 Click here
Aston Martin V12 Speedster / V12 Speedster ‘DBR1’ 5 #3 Click here
Ferrari Monza SP2 / SP1 5 #3 Click here
Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta 5 #3-#4 Click here
Maserati MC12 Stradale 5 #4 Click here
Porsche 911 GT3 (992) 5 #4 Click here
Ferrari Enzo 5 #5 Click here
KTM X-Bow GTX 2020 5 #5 coming soon

The first lock-in is any of the America or Europe Series cars that you haven’t locked in and I recommend using the one you either upgraded most or the one with the lowest tier to save cash. For the second lock-in you will need a speedster of the Speedster Reborn event and the Zonda HP Barchetta can ba a backup car for either the 3rd or 4th lock-in.

The 4th lock-in will either be the MC12 Stradale from the America Series or you take the prize car of The Green Hell, the 911 GT3 (992), which will be for most people the way to go.

The final lock-in will be the Ferrari Enzo that you can win in the upcoming ShowDown, I think only a few will be able to get the KTM for the 200 tickets in the ShowDown store.

Speedster Reborn Event

The new event is a Trinity Cup without a prize car. If you have participated in the SupercarScience events, you already have the McLaren and the Aston Martin cars needed for the lock-in. You can only use each manufacturer once and all cars will be available to pull with Gold Crates:

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
McLaren Elva 5 #1-#3 Click here
Aston Martin V12 Speedster / V12 Speedster ‘DBR1’ 5 #1-#3 Click here
Ferrari Monza SP2 / SP1 5 #1-#3 Click here

This event is absolutely optional for the final event of the Europe Series and unless you have the cars or really want them, I recommend you to skip or only take it as far as you can without investing much. You will need your Cash, Gold and Keys in the upcoming events…

Test of Endurance Event

Here’s the next event and this is where it gets tricky, especially for F2P players:

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
*lowest tier car* 3 #1 Click here
Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 5 #2-#3 Click here
Jaguar XE SV Project 8 4 #2-#3 Click here
Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta 5 #2-#4 Click here
Audi R8 LMS 5 #4 Click here
Lexus LFA ‘Nürburgring Package’ 5 #4 coming soon
McLaren 720S GT3 5 #5 Click here
KTM X-Bow GTX 5 #5 coming soon

If you have the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta you’re quite lucky, it’s a nice wildcard car and you can use it between lock-in #2 and #4 if you’re missing a car there.

For the first lock-in I really recommend you to either run any of those cars that you have maxed or the one with the lowest tier to save some cash. If you do NOT have the HP Barchetta, you will neet to upgrade the Lexus LFA ‘Nürburgring Package’ (it has the exact same specs as the regular LFA, what makes me pretty angry to have to win it with the LFA and then max out the same exact car again!). For the last lock-in you need to win the 720S GTA3 at the ShowDown event (guide here) or buy the X-Bow GTX with tickets.

Nürburgring Event

This Evo Cup features the AMG GT Black Series that you might recall from the America Series 2nd event where you might already maxed it and the new Lexus LFA.

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 5 #1/#2 Click here
Lexus LFA 5 #1/#2 Click here

Both cars will be available via Gold Key crates and the prize car will be the Lexus LFA ‘Nürburgring Package’. You can use this prize car in the next main event “Test of Endurance” unless you purchased the Audi R8 LMS in the America Series.

My take if you’re F2P: it’s optional. If you have the GT Black Series already and some keys to spare, this is a nice cup with some prizes and a decent prize car.

Even if you’re not F2P and you also plan to go through the full event for Lewis Hamiltons F1 car, you only need to do this event if you haven’t got the Audi R8 LMS in the America Series, then you need the Lexus LFA ‘Nürburgring Package’ in the next event…

The Green Hell Event

The first event is the Green Hell Event and it starts off right with giving out a free T3 BMW M4 (G82) car that you need to use.

Car Tier Lock-In Setup
BMW M4 Coupe (G82) ‘M Performance’ 3 #1 Click here
Jaguar F-TYPE SVR Coupe 5 #2-#5 Click here
MINI John Cooper Works GP 2 #2-#5 Click here
Lotus Evora GT430 4 #2-#5 Click here
Alpine A110 2 #2-#5 Click here
Jaguar Project 7 5 #2-#5 Click here

This event is overall really F2P friendly with a free T3 car that shares Stage 6 parts with the yellow start M4 and the other cars are really cheap to get for either Gold or even in-game cash. The Lotus GT430 is just $43,750!

Upgrading and fitting fusion parts is nice and as the prize car you will get the new Porsche 911 GT3 (992). So, no worries here for going all the way, it’s not expensive, no real money required and you won’t regret getting the missing cars for an extremely cheap price tag.


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