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How To Effectively Farm Stage 6 Upgrades

If you get your first 4-Star or maybe even 5-Star car in CSR2 you might have just thought “now it’s time to dominate”, but without Stage 6 Upgrades the car is not really worth that much – and getting Stage 6 Upgrades is harder than you think.

You need to think about maxing out a car in CSR2 as a long-time project that will take weeks or maybe months.

So, waht I wanted to do is pulling together all the things you should mind when farming for Stage 6 Upgrade parts for a certain car to really get the full potential and not waste anything.

Getting Stage 6 Upgrade Parts

Getting upgrades until Stage 5 only costs cash and time in CSR2, can be frustrating sometimes if you’re low on cash or not a patient person but that’s it. You can farm several races and events and max Stage 5 upgrade out within days.

Then you will face the fusion parts, they are a little harder to get but only limited to car brand – so if your favorite car has a brand where there are plenty of cars in the game you have good chances to get them over time.

stage 6 upgrades

Stage 6 Upgrades, however, are limited to the position and the exact car model – that’s horrible and with more and more cars getting added to the game the chances to randomly get the part you want is just so low. Even if you have, let’s say, an Audi R8 V10 you can get a Stage 6 part for an Audi R8 2014 and can’t use it on your car…

But lift your head, there’s help around and here are some nice tactics that will help you out getting Stage 6 parts faster.

Stripping For Stage 6 Parts

The best way is to strip duplicates of your car (which can be hard if your car is a 5-Star car), but when you strip a exact duplicate of your car you will get a Stage 6 part if there’s any dropping.

But stripping a car doesn’t equal stripping a car!

I don’t have a stroke right now, no worries. I have been discussing with many people if there’s an impact of how and when you strip your cars and if that has an influence on the items you will get from stripping, especially in terms of Stage 6 parts.

So I had this discussion and also did try it out several times with actually a clear result:

  1. If you strip a car from the inventory view and not the garage view, the chances for a Stage 6 Upgrade part is lower
  2. If you strip a car at the top of an hour, you will more likely get a Stage 6 upgrade

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, it does. But there’s always been a lot of theories that time has an influence on the drop rate in CSR2 when it comes to cars (read here more) and having the same effect in fusion parts and Stage 6 parts just makes sense.

The time allows the developers to equal out how much parts there are given out to prevent everyone from maxing out too easily.

And what has this to do with where you strip them, inventory or garage view? Well I think most people that do stripping frequently tend to do that from the inventory so the developers limited that down.

So but just stating is nothing else than fairy tale, so here’s how I run my personal tests:

  1. I was stripping the exact same cars (let’s not talk how long it took to gather 2 duplicated of the same car for the test)
  2. I did strip one duplicate from the inventory view and the other one from the garage view
  3. I did strip one duplicate at the top of the hour and the other one at half the hour

In total I did this with 20 cars (10 tests on the strip location, 10 on the time) and the results speak for themselves:

Stripped from inventory: 5x Stage 6 Upgrades


Stripped from garage view: 2x Stage 6 Upgrades

Stripped on top of the hour: 4x Stage 6 Upgrades


Stripped at around half of the hour: 1x Stage 6 Upgrade

Again, for each test there was a 4-Star car duplicate used!

Normally I would have thought that there are small differences due to variance in randomness, but these results are so much apart that it’s heavily unlikely that this is just a random test outcome, not to speak of the other people I talked to that have been experiencing the similar thing.

My only conclusion here can be that you should ALWAYS strip duplicates from the garage view and not the inventory and also strip on top of the hour!

how to strip cars right


Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? 😏


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    • Depends. If it’s a rare car from crates (like 4-Star or 5-Star) or you really need that Stage 6, you want to upgrade to Stage 5 – if it’s a car you strip optionally or you can buy it with cash in the shop you should strip right away and not burn any more cash upgrading it.
      You will get better chances when you have the car at Stage 5 than stock when stripping it

      • Hey I read this article yesterday & just sometime ago I opened a bronze crate at 1:59am & I got stage 6 mod for ferrari f12 berlinetta! Will try to open more of the crates & strip down cars at top of the hour!

  1. Since reading this article – I’ve stripped 5 Lambo Legends, 2 Golf GTI rocket bunny, 3 Audi R3, and 2 Scirroco – followed everything you said and got ONE stage 6 part.

  2. Hi, I am sorry, but did you strip from inventory to get the higher results then, as described in table or did the higher quotes result from stripping in garage view, as described in the image? Please be concise this time.

  3. Would you happen to know if stripping any none rare cars could farm S6, if so what is the an estimate probability? e.i. I have the LB GT-R R35 Premium I want to use for Tier 4 Elite 1 boss and an entire garage full of 2015 GT-R R35 Premium no stars* that I want to strip

    • You can get S6 parts but nobody knows the odds except the developers. As I said, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t strip them if you have multiple of them and you should get some S6 out of it

  4. Do you know the probability of farming S6 from none rare cars? E.i. I have the LB GT-R R35 Premium and I have an entire garage of regular GT-R R35 Premiums no stars* that I plan on stripping..

  5. What do you mean by “the top of the hour” exactly? How much time is there after the new hour turns? Should I strip cars within the first 5 minutes of a new hour, or only the first minute of an hour?

    • This is a really subjective thing and there’s no 100% accurate confirmation about it so I can’t tell you how much that time frame is. I do it accurately by the minute

  6. You say to strip from the garage view, not the inventory, yet your example showed far more stage 6 parts when stripping from inventory. Also, your picture has an arrow pointing to inventory screen, and an X over the garage icon. Which is it?

    Another way to increase overall number of parts, and theoretically an increased likelihood of a stage 6 part is to upgrade a car to stage 5 parts prior to stripping.

    • My bad I mixed that up, strip from the garage view. I corrected that in the text right away.

      Regarding upgrading cars… There’s no evidence so far that upgrading to Stage 5 will have a higher chance for Stage 6 parts, only the amount of fusion parts will rise (unfortunately). I tested several times myself but results varied too much to give a general conclusion. Still, if it’s a rare car that you can just pull from crates and it’s not that common to get you might want to invest the cash to upgrade just in case to have the highest chances (even if there’s no evidence, I’d not risk stripping it unupgraded)

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