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The Full Tempest Guide (Cars & Strategy)

If you finished the forst storyline missions (with Shax), you will see popping up a Elite Licence and also The Tempest, a storyline similar to the initial storyline races but a lot tougher to beat (and also more time consuming) – but it will let you win awesome cars and prove you’re ready to climb the top in CSR2.

So, I was struggling first with The Tempest and Altay so I was working on a full strategy guide to help you guys out if you’re stuck (or to prevent you getting stuck like I have been a few times).

Here are some general rules before I will give you my walkthrough:

You always need two cars for every tier! You will a car to make the Elite Licence, but you’re not allowed to use that very car for the Tempest races, so NEVER use your best car for the Elite Licences!

Fast Acceleration counts! If you locked in a car for a tier, you will need to spend 200 Gold to change that car and you always have races that require a fast acceleration where some cars will simply fail (happened to me).

Don’t rush! Tempest is a really long-term thing so take it easy and wait for getting upgrade parts and fusion parts if you can’t beat a race.

Now let’s jump into my step-by-step guide.

elite liecence tempest

Tempest 1

This is the first run against Altay and can be done without having to fully max out a car. Mind that you should NOT use any of my recommended cars for the Elite Licence, then you can’t use it for the Tempest Races!!! Simply use any other car and fit fusion parts to get the Elite Licence.

Please keep in mind!

The recommended cars (with only 2 exceptions) are able to get your through all three Tempest stages – I always show you alternatives but in the end it’s probably easier if you go after the cars I recommend 🙂

Tier 1

You can beat it with pretty much any car and by now you will very likely have some 1-Star T1 cars from Bronze or Silver crates that you can upgrade and use.

I used the Golf GTI from the shop that I initially bought to get the Elite Licence and then used the Abarth 500 1-Star for the Tempest, but as I said… you can use any 1-Star car here.

Make sure you can beat 12.300s to get Angel’s Civic 1.5 VTEC in the last race

Tier 2

Here you should use the Porsche 718 Boxter S for the Tempest races. Either you got the 1-Star version from rare imports or otherwise, buy the one from the shop for Gold (It’s 800 Gold if I recall it right).

Don’t get distracted by the fact that Porsche is not available for cash in the shop and you think it will lack fusion parts… the T2 Boxter is strong enough to easily beat here and the best option you can take. If you don’t have the 1-Star or the Gold, rather farm for the Gold than using another car (it will be very useful in the later Tempest stages)

Make sure you can beat 10.999s to get Shana’s Range Rover Evoque in the last race

Tier 3

I really recommend using either the Mustang GT or the BMW M4 (2-Star versions) if you got them already from crates.

If you don’t got any of them you might think about putting your focus on Prestige Cup rather than getting the shop version of the Mustang GT or the M4, otherwise you will need to upgrade them really near the max and you will need the Stage 6 upgrades.

Another reason why I recommend the M4 is that there’s a 0-Star version for cash in the store you can strip for fusion parts and Stage 6 upgrades easily and you will need them in later Tempest stages.

Make sure you can beat 10.014s to get Amelia’s LB M4 Coupé in the laste race – it will be very helpful in Tempest 2!

Tier 4

If you have any version of the Nissan GT-R you’re good to go here, especially because you will get some parts for it along the races – this is a great car because it has a very nice acceleration.

Alternatively, you can use any other rare T3 car that you have gotten from Prestige Cup and upgraded, as long as they have a fast acceleration (cars like Jaguar are NOT strong enough to beat the 0-100 miles acceleration races towards the end of the stage).

Make sure you can beat 13.700s to get KJ’s GT-R NISMO (R35) in the last race.

Tier 5

I recommend using either the Lamborghini Huracan (3-Star), LB Huracan (5-Star from Prestige Cups) or McLaren 570-VX (4 Star) – they have a great acceleration and will get you through T5 Tempest stages 1-3. Alternatively there are also other cars with nice acceleration at T5 so check out what you have here or wait until there’s a suitable one in Prestige Cup available.

Make sure you can beat 11.003s to get Larry’s GTA Spano in the last race.

gta spano tempest

Tempest 2

Mind that you should NOT use any of my recommended cars for the Elite Licence, then you can’t use it for the Tempest Races!!! Simply use any other car and fit fusion parts to get the Elite Licence.

Tier 1

Like I said, using the 1-Star Golf GTI is the best option here and I’d be surprised if you haven’t gotten it already, I have seen like 5 duplicates in the past months from Silver Crates 😉

Make sure you can beat 12.037s to get Konduit’s Golf GTI Mk1 in the last race.

Tier 2

If you followed my advice for the Porsche Boxter S you will be really happy by now because this car is just perfect for this Tempest tier and the only car I can really recommend to use.

Make sure you can beat 10.214s to win Finn’s Exige 360 Cup in the last race.

Tier 3

Here comes the only exception now and that’s for you if you used the Ford Mustang GT for Tempest 1 – I really hope you won Amelia’s LB M4 Coupe and that’s the car you should now swap in to use for Tempest 2.

If you used the BMW M4 (2-Star) you don’t need to work on Amelia’s M4 and can keep it and upgrade/fuse it further.

Make sure you can beat 9.132s to win Kiyiya’s Silvia (S15).

Tier 4

If you used a Nissan GT-R in Tempest 1 you’re good to go, otherwise, you hopefully won KJ’s Nissan GT-R (wasn’t that hard actually) and you should swap it in.

Any rare version of a GT-R is the car to go here because it’s ridiculously powerful with the insane acceleration it has and can get you through this Tempest stage.

Make sure you can beat 13.125s on the half mile to win Ashleigh’s Camaro ZL1 in the last race.

Tier 5

Here you should use the cars from Tempest 1

Make sure to beat 10.800s to get Dana’s 911 GT3 RS, it’s a beautiful and powerful car!

danas 911 gt3 rs

Tempest 3

Mind that you should NOT use any of my recommended cars for the Elite Licence, then you can’t use it for the Tempest Races!!! Simply use any other car and fit fusion parts to get the Elite Licence.

Tier 1

Everyone needs to use the Mazda MX-5 Miata here so all you need to do is to upgrade and fuse it – the good part is, you will win fusion parts and Stage 6 upgrades in the trials.

You will need to beat 12.209s to get Sneak’s Focus TrackSTer in the end so it may take some time to proceed, especially as there are no cars you can buy for cash and strip… This part here probably took me the longest time to complete.

Tier 2

The Porsche Boxter S (1-Star version from rare import or also the Gold version from the shop) is able to beat the final time of 10.104s to get Summer’s 4C “Launch Edition”, the only thing is that you maybe have to wait for some fusion parts.

Tier 3

If you use either the 2-Star M4 or Amelia’s LB M4, you have a great advantage and that’s you can buy an M4 (0-Star) in the shop for cash and strip over and over again to get the fusion parts and Stage 6 Upgrades required – in fact, you also need to do that to beat the boss time of 9.150s to get Petah’s Label Motorsport Camaro.

Tier 4

I spend so much time on that tier and after all I think the only reasonable way to beat it is switching cars in between the races. It costs 200 Gold and for the late speed trap races you should switch in a fast accelerating car like one of the LB cars, Nissan GT-R or Rocket Bunny cars that have been featured in Prestige Cup so far.

For the other races, they don’t perform that well simply because they won’t perform that great on the full distance of 1/2 mile, there you should use other 4-Star or 5-Star cars that you had in Prestige Cup earlier.

Please refer to this page here with all best times to see that most cars can beat the best time of 12.452s in the final race for Donna’s F50 when maxed and work on those you have to max out one of them.

Tier 5

Most 4-Star and 5-Star cars are able to beat the final time of 9.072s for Harkness’ Sesto Elemento when maxed but I recommend you to stick to my initial recommendation of LB Huracan/Hurancan from rare imports or the McLaren 570-VX.

The reason is both of them have cars in the shop you can get for 1 million cash (which is not that much at this point in the game) and strip for upgrade parts.

csr2 sesto elemetno

That’s it for now, we will see if there’s a Tempest 4 at any point in the future 😉


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