Will There Be A CSR3 Anytime Soon?

CSR was initially released in summer of 2012 and quite successful until CSR2 was released in summer of 2016. Now we have summer of 2020 and I think we can take a look at the question if we will see CSR3 anytime soon.

Just looking at the raw release dates is not a pattern to follow, especially how mobile games developed in the recent years. Developers started to make title more durable as people invest a ton of time and some also a good amount of real money into a game and they don’t want to throw that all away just because there’s a new title.

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When it comes to making a new game, there are several things involved that I want to address before taking a look at possible hints that there will be a CSR3 anytime soon.

CSR2 Dying? CSR3 Incoming?

Primarily two things are relevant to see if a mobile game is getting a new title or not – and that’s player base (closely related to financial success) and how well a game is getting updates.

At both sides, CSR2 is looking quite well by being one of the highest mobile racing game in the mobile charts and financially they also do fine.

We also see quite big updates every few months, including customization with Elite and Elite Tuner Update and a ton of new cars frequently.

This doesn’t point in any direction that we will see CSR3 anytime soon, if ever. Developer tend to rather update their game to keep the active player base. Imagine you would be forced to switch to CSR3 and lose all your progress and start all over again… why wouldn’t you simply stick to CSR2 until they shut it off or why not looking for an alternative game? This is a huge risk for the developers and they need to have a benefit which would be a more state-of-the art game when it comes to game mechanics or graphics.

But (and this ignores the bugs we all know from CSR2 lately), looking at this CSR2 looks pretty alive and kickin’ right now, doesn’t it? It’s looking nice and only a smaller percentage of all players are even able to get the highest possible graphics in CSR2 with a high-end smartphone.

I personally don’t see CSR3 coming out in the next few years, actually I doubt there will ever be a CSR3 and the will develop more game features, more cars, more customization and more in the next years and keep the game alive instead of the risk loosing a lot of players and leaving even more mad for starting over with a new game.

What feature do you think would be possible in CSR3 that wouldn’t be possible in CSR2? Please comment below and we can discuss about the state of the game 🙂

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