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CSR2 Modding Services – The Truth

Get all cars there are in CSR2, a ton of Gold and Cash and upgrade parts and basically anything you ever wanted – sounds like a dream? Well, not in the world of CSR2 modders. As so many people tend to look after this, I really wanted to write this neutral guide with my experience to give you all information about CSR2 Modding Services so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Disclaimer! Modding is against TOS in CSR2 and can lead to a permanent ban. I personal enjoy grinding for the results so I’m not judging anyone looking for a modder, I just want to give you the whole picture before you do something you might regret in the future. Don’t kill the messenger…

What Are CSR2 Modding Services?

First, let me explain you as generalized as possible what the modders do and how their service is possible.

The CSR2 app stores files that consist of not just the game with graphics and more, there’s also your balance in encrypted form. Basically like a save game where your progress is stored (so you can also play the game when you’re offline).

CSR2 Modders found a way to not just only read those files, they also know how to edit them so you can do things like unlocking specific cars, giving your resources, parts, fuel and everything else you need to earn in CSR2 by just editing some files.

So, this is the difference to other mobile games that store your progress in the servers of the developers, in CSR2 it is possible to manipulate this because CSR2 has the option to be playerd without internet connection.

Most modders charge between $5 for resources and parts to $20 for unlocking 20 cars of your choice, kind of cheap when looking at the fact what CSR2 charges for a car in the shop. Here’s about what you can expect them to charge:

No advertisement for a modder, just an example for pirces

So, before you now raise your hands and scream “yeah”, I highly recommend that you read the risks below!

Risks Of Modding Services

There are several risks that come with either using a modding service for CSR2 or doing it yourself (there are instructions out there, for the sake of fairplay I will not link them or give links in the comments or DMs, so please don’t ask).

Account Fraud

In order to modify your game files so you get what you want, the modder needs to get access to your Google Play account, this means this person can basically do everything with your Google account. I know that there are decent modders out there that don’t do anything illegal with your account, but there are also enough black sheep out there that will use your account to do all other kind of shady stuff (illegal play card trading and whatever you might not even think of) that might get your Google Play account banned. As I said, not every modder will do it, but you trust a person you don’t know with such important information so take some time to think about if that’s worth it.

Also there are people out there that tell you they are modders and just take your money and do nothing. Make sure to get a good amount of reviews or feedback from other customers before you do that. Can’t stress that enough


Modding is a deep violation of the TOS of CSR2 and will get you permanently banned so your account is useless for good. No matter if you do the modding yourself or somebody else does is, this is a risk that you’re taking with you and just because you won’t get caught right away doesn’t mean you’re not getting caught in a future update as the developers will look out for people modding.

Prepare yourself to always being afraid your account might be banned the next day for the rest of your CSR2 career. I personally don’t think it’s worth it but we’re all adults and you can decide yourself if that’s how you want to feel the rest of the days you start the CSR2 app.


As I said, please think very good about if you want to take that route or not, once modded your account will get the consequences no matter how little and long ago that modding was.

Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? ????

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