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CSR2 Racing Live Races Guide – How to win every time

When you progress further in CSR 2, you will get more and more into the Live Races – they are more difficult in their structure but probably the most effective way to farm RP later in the game. I have here everything wrapped up for you and when you stick to my tips, you will have no problems at all at Live Races.

CSR2 Live Races Matchmaking & General Info

First of all I would like to give you some insights into matchmaking and how Live Races actually work, this is important to understand how to win them.

Matchmaking & Lobby

You might have recognized that you see only a few other racers in the lobby and some of them have a higher or lower tier class car than you have – no worries, you can also race higher tier cars as the matchmaking is based on your car’s performance.

csr2 live racing lobby

Basically, when you go into the tuning settings and let the dyno run, this is the time relevant for the matchmaking. Cars in CSR2 Live Races are placed into roasters within 0.2 seconds – so, if your car makes 1/2 mile in the dyno with 12.099 seconds, you are seeing cars in the lobby that get dyno times of 11.900 to 12.099 seconds. If you get 12.101 seconds in the dyno, you will see cars doing 12.100 to 12.299 seconds.

csr2 dyno timesSo, you always want to have a setting that is making the bottom set in the dyno (12.101, 12.301, 12.501 etc.) – this will give you already the best possible advantage over the other cars. Don’t be afraid if you get challenged by a 5-Star Purple Stars car, it is not so fast that you can’t beat it as long as you make sure that your dyno time is not at the slowest end of the roaster set ๐Ÿ™‚

So you sometimes need to down-tune (if that word makes sense) your car a little bit in order to win more Live Races!

Opponents still too hard?

When you win a lot of races in a row the game will automatically place you in a harder lobby. You can simply prevent this by losing some races here and there (ratio should be like 3 lost races vs 7 won races).

However, you can also reset it yourself by removing a stage 6 upgrade from your car and tune according to what I told you above, do dyno and a test run in the tuning section and then enter live races again. After you won again and get harder opponents, re-apply the stage 6 upgrade you had and remove another stage 6 upgrade. You can repeat this a couple of times easily ๐Ÿ™‚

The reward cooldown

Every 8 hours you can get bronze keys and silver keys by winning 15 live races. The game also offers you one additional 15 races when it took more than 8 hours to finish your cycle.

Always make sure to win at least 1 live race in a fresh cycle to keep the cycle timer moving on, even if you only have little time. This will give you a full extra reward cycle you can farm later when you have more time to race ๐Ÿ™‚

The Best Car for Live Races in CSR2

Applying the above matchmaking, you will that it actually doesn’t matter what car you take as long as you make sure that your dyno times are not unfortunate – the faster your car, the faster your opponents, so there’s no really use in going for THAT car.

csr2 live races rewards 2018

However, I recommend you to take your best car to Live Races as the better your car the higher the reward you will win for a victory.

If you see some help for tuning and a general car guide, you might want to refer to my car guide here:

[irp posts=”45101″ name=”CSR2 Best Cars Tier – Tier 5 (T1-T5) & Times To Win Boss Cars”]

Why Doing Live Races?

Live Races offer a much higher amount of RP than regular races and will help you and your crew a lot in unlocking milestones and getting a nice end of the season reward. Also, you will get RP when you lose a race plus every 8 hours you can get 25 Silver Keys and 175 Bronze Keys for winning Live Races.

Reset The Lobby

Sometimes you only see a few opponents in the live race lobby, simply exit it and go back in after a few seconds, this should help getting additional opponents.

How To Win All Live Races in CSR2

Now that we talked the basic mechanics how Live Races work in CSR Racing 2, I’d like to give you some additional tips that will help you making the most out of it.

The Perfect Launch – Super Start

Live Races add another layer of reaction that is called the launch – in normal races, you simply need to find the point where you release the gas and you will get your perfect launch every time.

In Live Races, you will do the same but when the countdown end you also need to press the launch button – so you need to have the needle in the green area PLUS press the launch button at the very moment the countdown ends – this will give you a nice start boost that will often times even win you the whole race.

csr2 super start launch control

In the first races, you will mess that up and that’s totally normal. Simply stick to the point where you release the gas in normal races with that car and then focus to press the launch button.

If you don’t know how to find the perfect moment to release the gas, I’d like to recommend to you my general guide where I explain this technique here.

No Bets (except your opponent bets)

Only a few people really bet in Live Races in CSR2 – so, most of the times you will scare off opponents as they don’t want to bet money on races. You basically scare off those weaker opponents and only the ones that are strong will hold your bet.

If you opponent bets money you can think about taking the bet if you want to, of course ๐Ÿ™‚ I also like to bet 5-10k when an opponent wants a revenge race, they often take the bet and if you beat them once you can very likely beat them a second time.

You just should be sure to know if you have been lucky to win the first race or not – always take a fast look at the results and check the launch times, if you opponent made a horrible launch that is more than the time you beat him, chances are high that he will win the revenge race and you should think about taking that risk – if your launch times have been similar, go for the next victory in another Live Race ๐Ÿ™‚

Farming Simulated Opponents in Live Races (Bots)

Often enough CSR2 adds “fake” racers to the lobby so everyone has enough opponents to continue Live Races – these opponents are really easy to beat and you can farm them for a couple of races easily as they don’t do perfect times.

The bad news is you don’t see them in the first place but I have a strategy how I find out of an opponent is a simulated racer or not.

If you beat the racer quite comfortably (without him messing up big time at launch), you should get back to the lobby as fast as possible and challenge him again – if he’s simulated he will take the challenge every single time, even though he lost five or more times against you.

Also have a look in the racing lobby for opponents that have no crew – in 95% of all times they are bots that you can farm easily with 100% win ratio:

bots in csr2 live races


Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? ๐Ÿ˜


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  1. Sorry CSR2Boss, I disagree to your โ€œglitchโ€ explanation. No matter if there are special races with live character imposed by the programmers such as the recent Bugatti life race, or if it are the standard live races. I have found the following to be a hackers influenced unnatural behavior and a common sense in hackers approach: Every time you are driving at your maximum acceleration – and I talk about a battle that you enter with a nearly fully tuned car – at the middle of the track they are increasing their tempo and accelerating to up to 400 and more, resulting in 2-4 s less, which is totally unnatural in any extent. And it does not match the rule that you described here as the system supposed to be selecting the partner according to your speed acceleration not in excess of 0.2 seconds. I would be glad to hear that from you and to learn how fully equipped cars are able to accelerate in eight seconds from 0 to 440 km/h. Then I would also change my opinion.

    • Sure it’s possible. One of many examples is the SSC Tuatara in this world record drive here doing a top speed of 440 MPh in less than 6 seconds (you can see it here). But there are a ton of more cars that are able to do that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. another way to identify the bots is they all use the same photos from the miscellaneous racers you go against in ladder, cup, and trial races. So if there is no crew and picture is something you’ve seen in the other race types guaranteed bot

    • Bots aren’t really bad unless you run a time that’s slow for your lobby. Actually they are pretty easy to beat.
      Please chek your dyno and race times and verify them versus the lobby times
      If youร„re in the faster end of the lobby time you should make a huge success against the bots ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This isn’t a correct post. You have to learn how to hack to win live races because the creators have made so much money off the game they don’t care about fixing the problem. The car next to you will glitch from behind you to in front of you unnaturally and do it every single race and waste your time just because the creators won’t put in a simple block user section in live races.

    • The mentioned “glitch” is none, it only happens when internet connection is bad on either you or your opponent and the car catches up their real time. It’s only visual.
      That there are some things not really cool in Live Races is another story, but as long as you tune according to Lobby Times and don’t overdo beating your dyno time and ablance your win ratio, you#re good to go in most cases. You simply can’t win every Live Race.

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