csr2 showdown guide

CSR2 ShowDown Guide

ShowDown is the latest new game mode in CSR2 and I think many of you have question how it works and how to actually perform well in it.

Buckle up here is everything you need to know about ShowDown 🙂

When Is It Released?! Currently in soft-launch, this means randomly choosen players can already play it but official release will be soon

How ShowDown Works

Those of you that do Live Races frequently know that there are several things really broken there – and that there are many players that simply exploit the mechanics to trick lobby times and win trading isn’t what competitive racing looks like.

Anyway, ShowDown is not the game mode that has come to replace Live Races. It’s more like a hybrid mode between cups and multiplayer. Imagine it like a Prestige Cup but you will race against real human players and not against pre-made races.

But let me show you how it works…

First, you will see a ShowDown event on your race map:

showdown map

ShowDown is not a game mode that is available all the time, just like trials and cups.

So, when you see it and open it you will have to select a certain tier car you want to use – of course, you want to use your best car here.

Then you will have multiple races that you go through.

showdown races

It looks just like regular cups or trial races that will reward you with special things like Gold, Cash, fusion parts or Stage 6 Upgrades after a certain amount of races.

The special thing here is that you will race each race against a human player.

You see the trophy count on the right side? Each time you win you will gain trophies that your opponent loses and rise – and the more trophies you have the better the human players you will race against will be.

While the first races should be quite easy to win when you have a strong or maxed car in the requested tier, the last ones will be tougher and you will see the same cars that perform well with players that get a similar time like yours more and more.

Along with the trophies you earn you will also earn additional perks:

showdown perks

They are tied to the trophies you earn – when you beat the last race doesn’t mean you have to stop racing in ShowDown – the better you are the better the prizes here.

This makes it skill and of course car-based to get the better rewards.

Winning ShowDown Strategy

So what’s the best strategy to win ShowDown?

Actually there’s no strategy that can give you any advantage right now – the better you are the better the human opponent you get matched against will be because the matchmaking is based on the trophies you earned in the current ShowDown.

csr2 showdown race

The only valid strategy is to get your best car for that tier and race your best times 🙂

If you want to know what cars are working well I recommend you to take a look at the current best times for all cars including recommended tuning here.


No win trading? No lobbies & down tuning? Rewards for better times? ShowDown looks promising to become a new fun and also fair game mode – as long as you do define the term “fair” to not gaining any unfair advantage away from having a better car. Of course, those with the stronger cars will be in favor here and take away the higher perks.

What do you think? Leave a comment below 🙂


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  1. im doing Beta Showdown today, something I have noticed and im sure others will too, is that for now in manufacturer specific. now that doesn’t bother me but I could see that showdown is very lopsided, in most of the races there is absolutely no way that the losing racer would have ever had a chance to win. the matches should be closer to what kind of performance the cars can do, similar to the way the live lobbies are. I mean in what world would you want to spend your gold for fuel to race a race that your car is 3 full seconds slower than your competitor.

    • The initial idea is to remove all “lopsiding” that is happening with breaking dyno times and lobbies that you know from Live Races by taking the raw performance of a car and the trophies earnt in a ShowDown event.
      Theoretically this helps but in reality the faster ones do dominate early while the slower ones will suffer early – I also hope that there will be some sort of pre-determination as well in the beginning so these unbeatable races won’t occur that much

  2. I have been using the Pagani Zonda in Live Racing for a very long time now. I can run 7.18xxx in Live Races consistently. In the Showdown however my Zonda can run NO FASTER then 7.20xxx And that was a fluke. Most of my races are between 7.22xxx – 7.30xxx in the Showdown. While guys are running 7.182xx in the Showdown I find this very hard to believe they are doing this without a mod or hack of some kind. Shame.

    • Do you run the 347/4.0 nitro, 2.45 final drive and 0/100 tires tuning? This is the tune that allows 7.180s (fastest possible)
      But, yes, it’s weird that you have slower times there than in Live Racing, can’t actually think of any other explenation 🙁

  3. Si termino las 200 carreras y quedo en los primeros 1,000 para ganar el coche , pero la competencia sigue y me sacan del top mil , me dan el carro ? O que hago ? La termino un momento antes de que acabe la competencia o que ? Gracias , y hay varios zonda que estan por debajo del récord máximo 😣 no se les puede ganar asi ( trampa )

      • If I finish myself 200 times and stay hard in the first 1,000 to win, but the competition continues and they take me out of the top thousand, can I get hard? Or what do i do? I finish a moment before the end of the competition or what? Thank you, and there are several blondes that are below the maximum record 😣 you can’t beat them like this (jizz)

  4. Hi I’m asking regarding my game sending me to the map saying check out showdown but there is no showdown when I get there. Please help

  5. 7.513 in rouche it’s pabzy csr 2 maniac I can get it perfect start fly back needle nos in 4 th coming forward rest deep good nos 436/5.9-fd 2.76-0/100 thank me later ok

  6. There seems to be a very awful trait to the showdown . Once you reach a certain volume of trophies it seems you are destined to stay there, win one loose three and enter the eternal loop of wasted gas and loosing to cars with over a second advantage in their final time. I’m not truly a fan of having to repeatedly loose.

  7. Beware of player “DANCRO W/L”
    He’s a cheater using the disconnection trick in ShowDown.
    In reality he’s a very poor player that without this trick would not even arrive in the first 1000.
    Report him to NM.

  8. It’s not letting me collect trophies… I win, click next buttons and it shows no other opponents. And send me back to the map with 0 trophies in my bank… cant get anything accomplished

  9. A thing i have noticed since I’ve been playing couple of showdown so far, is that it’s always easier at end of the event (couple hours before clock ends) to progress in trophy rewards. I mean, probably that more people have been playing along during the event and you have more chance to find an easier opposent to win for the same amount of trophy. Did you notice this stuff as well?

  10. So the Bugatti veryron event is pretty cool, but it damn near impossible. In showdown I hate how I can’t get past 500 trophies. I’m rank 57 and I’m getting matched with players of rank 700 and 500 and what not, and they do half miles in like 7-9 seconds lol. Like how is that even fair? My goal is to just get to 1200 trophies for the super sport but seriously I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve that ever with the kind of people that I get matched with. Kind of ridiculous.

  11. These are pretty rigged. When I get above 300 trophies I can’t win because the people the game puts me up against are too OP. Once I lose a bunch of trophies it starts to put me in more fair races but then I get obliterated again once I get above 300 trophies. I’d rather deal with a few cheaters in the live races if it means I get to pick who I’m going up against and stand more of a chance of winning.

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