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How To Get More 5-Star Cars in CSR2

You think that the cars you can pull from crates in CSR2 are completely random?

Well, that’s what I thought first and for a very long time but I recently started to save up some keys for some larger pulls and recognized that I have pulled the same car a couple of times when pulling them back to back.

First it only was 3 Abarth 500 1-Star T1 cars and I thought maybe I’m just the most unlucky person in the game wasting myself Silver Keys for that.

But when a similar thing happened a few weeks later with some Volkswagen, I thought this is too . much of an incident and I started researching.

Here’s what I found and even when there’s no proof for it (only a few people could even confirm it), the evidence is quite too much to ignore it.

Higher Chances For 5-Star Cars

First of all, all these tips are not a guaranteed way to pull a 5-Star or 4-Star car every single time, but there are some things you can do to get a better chance to pull them.

csr pull 5 star car from crate

There’s the theory that the cars are handed out in a not so random way as it appears, but first let’s have a look at the official drop chances of higher star cars in CSR2:

Here are the official drop rates from the different crates

Bronze Silver Gold
1-Star 1.8% 37%
2-Star 0.19% 29%
3-Star 0.01% 24% 60%
4-Star 8% 30%
5-Star 2% 10%

So they can still hand out cars with these random premises but still use it as a measurement to incentivize.

There are dozens of player in CSR2 who have a lot of high level cars and play the game for a long time frequently and they say that they see good quality cars appear really rarely now – on the other hand, there are players that report when they haven’t played the game for a longer time they will always get a higher quality car when returning.

Thinking about it this makes perfect sense as the developers want you to come back and a high-quality car is a reason to start leveling it up and hopefully spend money to upgrade it.

I also have spoken to one player that is researching this topic for a long time and gathered a lot of data from lots of other players and he said when running a simulation, he found out that the algorithm that determines which cars you will pull is not random at all.

He said that car brands and also the quality of the cars are like a wave simulation that developers like to use to fake randomness for a broad field of recipients where they can interact without someone noticing.

Applying this, you will notice that there’s a certain time for a certain car brand and also a certain time for a certain car quality – when you’re lucky enough to open a crate there chances are extremely high to pull such a car.

His tips to pull cars are:

  • Always pull cars either on the half hour or the full hour
  • Always pull cars in the morning (EST time)


Without a developer it probably is impossible to ever notice if this is real or not, but what do you have to lose?

When this is right, you will get higher chances for better cars and if not, well, than it’s random and you always have the same chances to pull higher star cars in CSR2.

I think it’s worth trying 😉


Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? 😏


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  1. Pulling in the morning or at particular times makes no sense.
    To pull rare cars you should manage your keys in a more strict way. Stack up all keys and use them wisely, never use silver and gold outside events, use them with x10 or x20 pull chanses. Bronze keys I personally burn on 400 or 700 crate depending on the brand. Porsche crates for 400 sounds like a better deal than buying and stripping Boxters with 755gold. And you get loyality crates with s6 that isn’t 100 random

    • You mix up some things here. One thing is getting the highest chance to pull a car during the season when there’s the boosted drop chance for a certain car (prestige cup, golden cup etc.), which is absolutely right. Still, you only will have a boosted chance to get that very car.
      This research here is about the question if there’s a higher chance at certain times, which many players have been trying to prove so calling this “nonsense” is not right in terms what we’re talking about here… the best cars aren’t the ones you can pull from the events (like you can see here in the best car times chart)

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