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Life Hacks in CSR2 that really work

CSR Racing 2 offers plenty of small life hacks that, if you know them, will make your life in the game a lot easier. I thought it might be helpful for you guys, especially those of you who do not play CSR2 for a long time, if I wrap them up here in my ultimate life hack guide 🙂

What do we got here?

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We have a life hack that will help you managing your fuel and doing more races, we have a nice tip for stripping parts out of unwanted/doublette cars, an extermely helpful tip to get a perfect start every time (yes, perfect start, every time, not kidding) and also a very helpful tip that will reset your opponents in Live Races if you don’t like the ones the game offers to race against 🙂

I think here’s something for every one of you. Let’s get started.

(Almost) Unlimited Fuel Life Hack for CSR 2 Racing

Fuel is limited in CSR Racing 2 and takes some time to recover, but you can’t race without it. That’s no surprise, I know 🙂

csr2 life hack for more fuel

Well, here comes the life hack part that will help you out and that’s the message that will pop up when you’re out of fuel that makes you watch a 30-second video in exchange for 2 fuel points – a great deal as it takes a lot of time to let the fuel recover.

But the best thing here is that this message will show up many times so you can practically play almost non-stop before you have to wait. Take care when the message pop up, when you do it in the fuel menu, you will only get 1 fuel for the video – but when Jess will show it, you will get 2 fuel pips for the same ad. This happens often enough between races when you’re getting low on fuel, so watch out for it.

Did you know you can extend your actual maximum fuel with these extra pips you get from watching the videos in CSR2?

You can.

It will go from blue to orange to purple and store up to 30 fuel pips at the same time. The regeneration is paused when you exceeded your first 10 pips (blue bar) but that’s not a problem.

csr2 life hack for more fuel

If you have a run with the video popups simply use as many as you can and fill your fuel as much as you can and enjoy a nice session of races 🙂

One thing is there as well that you need to keep in mind… when watching a video the countdown for the fuel regeneration gets reset – let’s say you have 1 minute left until you would get a new fuel pip and watch a video, the timer for that regenerated fuel pip resets to 8 minutes again!

In this case you can leave the popup untouched and wait until the timer ticks down and restores your normal fuel pip and then watch the video for the extra fuel pip.

This life hack basically made me enjoy CSR2 like 10 times more because I can do a longer session whenever I want to with 20-30 races in a row.

Hack For Better Daily Rewards

csr2 daily challenges cheat

Your Daily Challenges are random and they will even change their reward during the day – this means that a challenge like “drive 2 miles in a day” can change to become “drive 12 miles in a day”. Of course, the harder one will give you a higher reward with like 35 Bronze Keys instead of 10 Bronze Keys.

So the life hack here is completing your challenges that are easy and NOT claim the reward and return later the day to see if it changed to a harder version – so you could collect a higher reward for doing the easier version of that challenge 🙂

You can see it in the image where several challenges got higher rewards just a few hours later.

Reset Ads Counter

At some point, you have watched enough ads so your daily cap is reached and you can’t get any more fuel pips… well, there’s a life hack that will help you out (working not always but very often).

You can reset your so-called “ad-ID” and start over getting all ads – and here’s how to do it:

android ad ID resetAndroid: Go to your device settings, search for “Google” and go to the advertisement section under “Services” and use the “Reset Advertising ID”. This will give you a new random ID and you can go back to the CSR2 app and should see ads for fuel pips again 🙂

iOS ad ID resetiOS: Go to settings and go there to the Privacy section – there you find a section called “Advertising” where you can use the option “Reset Advertising Identifier” which will let you see ads again when you return to the CSR2 app.

As I said, this doesn’t always work but it takes a few seconds and most of the times you will get enough ads for another nice session 🙂

Life Hack For A Perfect Start (Every Time)

When starting playing CSR2, I was simply bunny-pressing the pedal and hoped for the best to hit a good or perfect start.

Then I learned about this life hack and improved my results sooooooo much, I’m telling you. Now you can actually plan to win instead of hoping to win as the start is in close matches the key to success.

Ready for it?

Next to the timer there are 3 dots that count down before every race – so all you need to do is hitting the pedal to the max and know at which point one you will need to release it so the needle walks down and hits the perfect spot every time. For example, you remember Second 2, 1st dot or Second 1, 3rd dot… etc.

Maybe it gets easier if you take a look at this animation:

csr2 perfect countdown

Sorry for the quality but gif files are just very large 🙁

But I guess you got the point, right? Practice a couple of times and you will get the technique and start a race off in the right way.

Perfect Time For Nitro

When do you use your nitro? It’s an ongoing battle in the community and most of the time the answer is a very not-satisfying “it depends”.

Yes, it depends. It depends on your car, your tuning, your setup and if you are on a 1/4 or 1/2 mile race.

If you use it too soon, your wheels will spin making you lose traktion and if you use it too late you might waste some of the nitro potential.

The best is to try around and always look at the red wheel icon at the bottom that tells you if your wheels are spinning or not. They will often spin with nitro, but if you see it flashing from the beginning to the end of your nitro duration, you’re hitting it too early.

Written by Tim

Hi, I'm Tim and I play CSR2 since the release for every day straight and I absolutely love the fine-tuning aspect of the game and the feeling when hours of trying tunes get a little bit better times. It's all about details in life, right? ????


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