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World Records – Fastest CSR2 Cars

Looking around you will find tons of pages telling you which car is the fastest, but after all this is all misleading information! I know I have such a car buying guide for CSR2 as well, but my guide only focus on what car is the best choice in terms of purchase price to get you through the stage, nothing more.

How To Get The REAL Fastest Car in CSR2?

So, why do I dare to call so many other resources liars? Well, I don’t say they’re lying exactly. The problem is their fastest car list for CSR2 only takes the raw numbers into account, like how many BHP does a car have and what rating it has when fully upgraded and fitted all fusion parts.

The thing is, in CSR2 there are deeper laws that determine the fastest car than just the raw numbers of weight, nitro, and horsepower.

Especially when racing human opponents in multiplayer battles you very likely have seen cars crushing you that are normally a lot weaker on the paper than your car is.

Make Your Car “Faster” In CSR2

The reason for this is as simple as difficult – in CSR2, you can beat the dyno times. This means when tuning you often just focus on the dyno times to see which setup will make your car fastest. But that’s simulated and you can beat the dyno times with your car in many cases.

I don’t wan’t to get in too deep on this here, but you might want to check out my guides about winning multiplayer battles and also my tuning guide for the full background information.

I think you now understand why pages that simply list the raw stats or dyno stats of cars are not really the best source when you want to climb the hill and build yourself the fastest car in CSR2.

CSR2 Fastest Cars World Records

Below you will find the unofficial (but proven) fastest cars in CSR2. These are setups that have been proven by video with their tuning setup provided and also showing how much faster they performed than the dyno would tell them.

Please note that I will update this list from time to time when someone did perform better, especially after an update – this list is up to date with the 2.9.0 Update

Looking for the best times for all cars with tuning? Check them out here

Fastest T1 Cars in CSR2

Without any new cars introduced in T1 the top cars are still the same:

1st Place

Sneak's Focus TrackSTerThe fastest car with a proven result in CSR2 in Tier 1 is so far Sneak’s Focus TrackSTer with Nitro 176/4.2, F-Drive of 2.87 and Tire 52/48 setup. The dyno value was 11.722 second (sick for a T1 car, right?) but the driver, L I B E, actually improved it by 0.129s for a final speed of 11,593s!

2nd Place

Honda Civic 1.5 VTECNot far behind in the second place of fastest Tier 1 cars in CSR2 is a Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC driven by ㄗモ刀尺工れ卄♻️swap????. He raced in a Nitro 205/4.3, F-Drive 4.80 and Tire 55/45 setup and improved the dyno time of 12.113s to 11.776s (that’s a whopping 0.337s off the dyno time)

3rd Place

Runner up here is VW Golf GTI (yes, a 1-Star rare car) with a total time of 11,792s. The driver ѕєвєк managed to get 0.359s off the dyno time of 12.151s with a tuning setup of Nitro 205/3.9, F-Drive 3.15 and Tire 21/79.


Fastest T2 Cars in CSR2

We have a runner-up with the newly introduced John Cooper Works GP that will very likely get even better in the coming weeks (my prediction)

1st Place

Porsche Boxster 718SThe Porsche 718 Boxter is without any doubt by far the fastest T2 car in CSR2 right now. The dyno tells it has a total time of 8.691s, but HULK took off 0.190s off that time and did race it with a record time of 8.501s with a tuning setup of Nitro 266/6.2, F-Drive of 5.00 and Tires at 52/48.

2nd Place

Just introduced with the 2.5.0 update and already second-fastest car in Tier 2 is the Alpine 110 – and the time of 8.518s is not much behind the first place. This record time was done by Canter and he used a 363/4.0 nitro, 3.02 final drive and 0/100 tires to do it.

3rd Place

New here we have the John Cooper Works GP with a time of 8.612s on a Nitro 331/5.2 with Final Drive of 3.99 and Tires at 52/48.

This is a time with the car available for a short time and I think we can expect this car to even climb in ranks.

Amazing right?

Fastest T3 Cars in CSR2

Also here we have a new car and it simply took the crown in T3 effortlessly.

1st Place

Just one week in the game but already the fastest car in this tier! The Honda Varis Civic Type R was able to get a 7.669s time on the track which is already a lot faster than the former fastest T3 car and we can expect it to get better in the next weeks when more people get fusion parts and fine-tune the shift pattern.

Tune was 329/5.6 Nitro with FD 3.15 and Tires at 7/93.

2nd Place

Used to be the fastest T3 car. The BMW Z4 M40i got introduced in the 2.6.3 update and was available as the Prestice Cup car there and took the crown but is now “only” second-fastest car in this tier.

This car was tuned with Nitro 404/5.6 and Final Drive of 4.67 and Tires 0/100 and took this car that is for sure not easy to shift right to a fresh best time.

Final time of 7.841s time with this car!

3rd Place

BISBIS took his Vorsteiner Cayman GT4 V-CS to a 7.932s with a tuning setup of 254/5,6 Nitro, F-Drive of 3.04 and Tires 0/100. This tuning might sound weird but it took off 0.197 seconds from the dyno clock and securing it to be the fastes Tier 3 car in the CSR2 world so far – until the Z4 M40i crushed that time.


Fastest T4 Cars in CSR2

Don’t get confused now, here’s where the races switch to 1/2 mile while the above tiers raced in 1/4 miles 😉

1st Place

Never thought that since Roman’s BR9 had such a huge lead of almost 0.3s here that we see such a change – but we have a new winner here! It’s the Veilside Fairlady Z. Yes, I’m surprised as well, but Adrenal 888 just crushed anything and set a new record time for this tier with 9.962s, that’s insane faster than the old record holder!! He used a 248/4.9 nitro, 2.46 final drive and 13/87 tires.

2nd Place

With the recent update we got the Mitsubishi DAMD ver Lancer Evo VII and he straight took the 2nd place in Tier 4 with 10.103s (and I believe we even might see it rise to the top in the next weeks). Possible made with a 248/4.9 Nitro, Final Drive 3.08 and 0/100 Tires tuning setup by иєχтєяα.

3rd Place

Used to be the top with a big lead but only 3rd place now!! HULK  with Roman’s BR9 and a total time of 10.070 seconds. That’s 0.043s below the dyno clock and he managed that with Tires of 0/100, a F-Drive of 2.95 and Nitro at 432/5.9, making it by far the fastest T4 car in CSR2.


Really looking forward how the 2.9.0 update will do here ????

Fastest T5 Cars in CSR2

Now let’s have at the highest reputation tier in the game and the absolutely fastest cars.

1st Place

t5 - place 1We have a new total time world time record and the fastest of all cars in CSR2 – it’s DREAM HYBRID with the SSC Tuatara! Congratulations to this outstanding performance and a final time that crushed the former champion of 6.934s! Just a sick time. He used 263/4.0 nitro, final drive of 2.62 and tires 100/0 (no typo, it’s really 100/0!).

2nd Place

koenigsegg jesko timeWe have a new second-fastest car in CSR2 and it’s the new Koenigsegg Jesko running with a 6.986 time, decrowning the Brabham BT62 by just a small slice but faster is faster, right? 😉

Congratulations to this performance! Made possible with a 473/5.6 Nitro, FD of 2.14 and Tires 0/100 tuning setup

3rd Place

Used to be the king but now only third… ZooCar with a Brabham BT62 and the final time of 6.994 seconds! The tune used here was a 177/4.0 nitro paired with 2.00 F-Drive and 39/61 tires.

I hope we will see a comeback here and a tough fight for the crown of Tier 5 and therefore the fastest car in CSR2 🙂

Fastest Legend Cars in CSR2

csr2 legends walkthroughDue to request, I have also the same ranking for the Legend Cars here in the Legends Guide here.

You will find there all the cars with the best tuning and the fastest time 🙂


If you still don’t believe me, just take a look at the other sites out there and their charts and compare them with the above times and you will see the clear difference what cars are really the fastest ones in CSR2 😉


Written by The Boss


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  1. How about making a list like this but only with cars you can currently get?
    I.e., seeing all those T4 F&F cars is good trivia, but it won’t help me figure out which T4 I should build out to be competitive in live.

  2. Says Roman’s BR9 used 10.070 seconds and placed third but the second place Lancer Evo VII only done 10.103. 10.103>10.070. Bruh… need to check that!

    • It’s Nitro 473/5.6, Final Drive 2.10 and Tires 0/100
      Shift pattern is Perfect Start with immediately early shift into 3rd gear. In 3rd gear you go deep good into 4th gear and use nitro there and take it with deep good shifts from here for a 6.98x time 🙂

  3. Hey can you do one on the cars you can buy with in game cash, not gold or luck of draw ones with keys. At least would have a base idea. I have T3 hellcat and 10.49 is best I’ve managed.

  4. Dude, check out this opponent’s T5 time I raced of 6.895!!! He did it with the SCG 003S. This is the fastest recorded time in the world, unless it’s a cheat time. I race all the time and have never seen anyone hitting 6.8…is there a way to upload a photo on here?

    • That’s possible but there’s no evidence of that being a human racer or a player that’s not cheating (unfortunately). The only way to get a time here in the list is by uploading a replay of the race time to youtube including the tune and shifting pattern 🙂

  5. The best time I’ve done with my maxed out Elantra is 7.03
    I use ZooCar’s tuning setup but I’ve never hit the 7.01 time he has.
    This is the tuning setup & shift pattern:
    Nitro: 395/5.6
    F-Drive: 2.00
    Tires: 51/49
    Perfect launch, 24mph 2nd & Nos, 63mph 3rd, rest deep good or early perfect shift
    Link to video:

  6. got any info one the new Evantra Millecavalli? its pretty quick, I seen the leaderboard of the Flash Event with top times in the 7.0s, just wondering if they broke 6 seconds. mine is only at 7.9

  7. Couldn’t find 0* GTR premium WR time in chart. Only dyno 12,535, for 3* GTR premium.
    I am running 12,489 in 0* GTR R35 premium, what is the fastest time you have recorded?

    • Don’t know but actually there’s no 0-Star car in this list because they won’t have competitive times and are only useful in the early stage of the game until you unlock the rare ones via crates…

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