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World Records – Fastest CSR2 Cars

Looking around you will find tons of pages telling you which car is the fastest, but after all this is all misleading information! I know I have such a car buying guide for CSR2 as well, but my guide only focus on what car is the best choice in terms of purchase price to get you through the stage, nothing more.

How To Get The REAL Fastest Car in CSR2?

So, why do I dare to call so many other resources liars? Well, I don’t say they’re lying exactly. The problem is their fastest car list for CSR2 only takes the raw numbers into account, like how many BHP does a car have and what rating it has when fully upgraded and fitted all fusion parts.

The thing is, in CSR2 there are deeper laws that determine the fastest car than just the raw numbers of weight, nitro, and horsepower.

Especially when racing human opponents in multiplayer battles you very likely have seen cars crushing you that are normally a lot weaker on the paper than your car is.

Make Your Car “Faster” In CSR2

The reason for this is as simple as difficult – in CSR2, you can beat the dyno times. This means when tuning you often just focus on the dyno times to see which setup will make your car fastest. But that’s simulated and you can beat the dyno times with your car in many cases.

I don’t wan’t to get in too deep on this here, but you might want to check out my guides about winning multiplayer battles and also my tuning guide for the full background information.

I think you now understand why pages that simply list the raw stats or dyno stats of cars are not really the best source when you want to climb the hill and build yourself the fastest car in CSR2.

  • *NEW* Up to date with 2.9.11 Update
  • *NEW* New layout for better readability
  • *OPINION* It’s just crazy how the Elite Custom cars took over the top. NM wants us to heavily invest into this new game feature but I personally don’t like how 30 years old cars beat the latest cars 🙁

CSR2 Fastest Cars World Records

Below you will find the unofficial (but proven) fastest cars in CSR2. These are setups that have been proven by video with their tuning setup provided and also showing how much faster they performed than the dyno would tell them.

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Tier 1

fastest t1 car 2020 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Time: 11.552s
Driver: Expert
Nitro: 225/3.3 | FD: 4.04 | Tires: 0/100
Sneak’s Focus TrackSTer
Time: 11.593s
Driver: L I B E
Nitro: 176/4.2 | FD: 2.87 | Tires: 52/48
Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC
Time: 11.776s
Driver: ㄗモ刀尺工れ卄♻️swap????
Nitro: 205/4.3 | FD: 4.80 | Tires: 55/45

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Tier 2

festest t2 car Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe
Time: 8.276s
Driver: wტlfαѕt⓱ᴵᵀᴬ
Nitro: 335/5.5 | FD: 2.00 | Tires: 0/100
second fastest t2 car Ferrari 250 GTO
Time: 8.324s
Driver: ˢℂa͜͡ꈤⓉΣʀ 
Nitro: 242/4.0 | FD: 4.45 | Tires: 0/100
John Cooper Works GP
Time: 8.412s
Driver: BISBIS
Nitro: 333/5.1 | FD: 3.87 | Tires: 52/48

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Tier 3

Chevrolet Corvette (C3) ZR1
Time: 7.229s
Driver: BISBIS
Nitro: 305/4.0 | FD: 2.24 | Tires: 0/100
Pontiac GTO (The Judge)
Time: 7.406s
Driver: ˢℂa͜͡ꈤⓉΣʀ 
Nitro: 264/5.3 | FD: 2.31 | Tires: 52/48
Honda Varis Civic Type R
Time: 7.669s
Driver: Nick????Racer????Z????S9➕
Nitro: 329/5.6 | FD: 3.15 | Tires: 7/93

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Tier 4

Honda NSX-R
Time: 9.474s
Driver: BISBIS
Nitro: 188/4.3 | FD: 2.17 | Tires: 0/100
Ford GT40 Mk2 #1
Time: 9.837s
Driver: ˢℂa͜͡ꈤⓉΣʀ 
Nitro: 261/4.1 | FD: 2.00 | Tires: 52/48
Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 QV
Time: 9.872s
Driver: wტlfαѕt⓱ᴵᵀᴬ
Nitro: 63/12.5 | FD: 2.46 | Tires: 55/45

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Tier 5

McLaren F1 (Level 50 Elite Custom)
Time: 6.906s
Driver: fto fearless
Nitro: 188/4.0 | FD: 2.00 | Tires: 0/100
Hennessey Venom F5 Concept
Time: 6.929s
Driver: Gᴏᴅ OF Tʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ƊƑ
Nitro: 473/5.6 | FD: 2.55 | Tires: 0/100
t5 - place 1 SSC Tuatara
Time: 6.934s
Driver: ☼Ꭰʀᴇᴀᴍ ᎻᎽ฿ᏒiᎠ
Nitro: 263/4.0 | FD: 2.62 | Tires: 100/0

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If you still don’t believe me, just take a look at the other sites out there and their charts and compare them with the above times and you will see the clear difference what cars are really the fastest ones in CSR2 😉

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